Dawn Wilson

At Large Board Member Candidate




If I am tapped to serve on the USA Fencing Board of Directors, I pledge to work hard to stabilize and grow our sport through these difficult times, and to lend my expertise to clubs and divisions that are struggling to survive. I will work hard to make sure that USA Fencing is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.  I want everyone to feel like they belong because they do. I am well-equipped to represent our sport and Board, both with the business community, and with those fighting for civil and human rights, who can help USA Fencing build a stronger organization for the future.




2. Tell us more in depth about how you plan to approach issues of racial and gender equity in USA Fencing. You may use our Fencing Report Card to help you. https://wfencing.org/programs/report-card/ Please feel free to refer to any of the issues raised within the report card to focus your answer. *



 As a member of USA Fencing's DEIB resource team, I am uniquely aware of the challenges that the fencing community faces. From racial equity to gender equality. I will push for USA Fencing to make clear its commitment to ending racism, and welcoming people of all faiths, backgrounds, gender diversity, sexual orientation, and citizenship status.  USA Fencing must enact a zero-tolerance policy toward any and all forms of prejudice. I will push for training for racial equity and inclusion for  all board members, staff, division officers and coaches. I will push for utilization  of the DIEB resource group in decision making, especially in matters of hiring and discipline. To increase diversity in coaching, I will press for a racial and gender protocol that applies an equity lens to policies, practices, and procedures.  By using this lens and developing such policies we will be able to improve the equitable access, delivery, and implementation of practices. By taking such steps will we be able to address not only racial equity and gender equity but increase representation as a whole from the board to the front office to divisions to coaching to clubs, allowing for more representation throughout the sport.




3. What else would you like the Fencing community to know? 


In 2016, a scholarships was established in my name by the University of Louisville to recognize my years of advocacy for marginalized communities. The Dawn Wilson scholarship gives young LGBTQ minority an opportunity not only to complete their education but to continue to grad school.


 Dawn Wilson Scholarship 2016-17 Winners Announced — The LGBT Center at University of Louisville

My candidacy has also been endorsed by Peter Westbrook, members of the Louisville Fencing Center, and members of the Kentucky Division board. At this time, I am engaged in a project to bring fencing to the West End of Louisville, on behalf of the Muhammad Ali Center and Louisville Sports Commission. 



Please consider me for the open position on the USA Fencing Board of Directors.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me at darksaber1012@gmail.com 


Thank you in advance for your consideration. 


1. What are your top three (3) priorities for the USA Fencing Board? 


Diversity, focusing on  racial and gender equity.  Growth, focusing on expanding our sport beyond our current  economic base, while reaching to minorities, people with disabilities, and economically challenged communities.  Financial, working with local businesses, corporations, and sponsors to  identify  those who will invest in a sport that  provides opportunity for good health, education, and personal growth. I want to provide solutions and best practices of governance that will be in alignment with the mission of USA Fencing, and will communicate and engage with the members for their input, especially those who feel that they have not been heard.