Job Opening

Job Description

We are looking to hire motivated individuals who are interested in being or eventually becoming the head coach of their own fencing program. We have opportunities for higher level coaches to train top national and international competitive fencers, and for less experienced coaches working with beginners. 

We are looking for full and part time coaches with strong backgrounds in either foil or épée. Coaching responsibilities include:

  1. Running classes following our unique club program

  2. Assisting in classes run by other coaches

  3. Providing one-on-one lessons to students of all ages and levels

  4. Tracking class attendance

  5. Strip coaching at local, regional, and national and international tournaments

The ideal candidate either already has USFCA coaching certifications or is interested in pursuing them. We are looking for individuals who are motivated to create our next world champion!



The Fencing Academy of Philadelphia, established in 1989 by Mark and Lara Masters, is dedicated to teaching the art of fencing to students between the ages of 8-80. Since its founding, the Fencing Academy of Philadelphia has produced 4 world champions, numerous national champions, senior, junior, and cadet world team members, countless NCAA All-Americans, hobbyists, and more. The Fencing Academy of Philadelphia is one of the largest fencing clubs on the East Coast in the USA.


Please contact Jacob Wischnia, General Manager of the Fencing Academy of Philadelphia, to inquire. 

Jacob Wischnia