Scott Webb

At Large Board Member Candidate


What are your top three (3) priorities for the USA Fencing Board? *


My top three (3) priorities are:

1) Develop our Clubs and Coaches and Provide Direct Risk Management support

2) Implement a Comprehensive Sponsorship Plan

3) Outreach Programs to enhance fencing growth.



I will focus on the following:

•        The Pandemic has tested the VERY limits and survivability of many of our Clubs throughout the US. Given my 15 years within the largest risk and human capital management firms in the world, I will work with USA Fencing and our Clubs to explore and develop a comprehensive risk management plan for our Clubs and USA Fencing. The current risk management support at the Club level is inadequate and we must put in place expanded business interruption and financial continuity programs to offset lost revenue during shut downs or other calamities. These types of programs are available yet are not understood by many Clubs.

•        Introduction to fencing– We must enhance fencing so that it becomes a more popular sport in our communities and across the US. Most people are not familiar with fencing and our history and achievements.

•        Develop local promotion of fencing events and club activities through parents, community leaders and the media

•        US Fencing should collaborate with the US Fencing Coaching Association to develop coaching programs to provide training and resources. These programs are designed to promote "Positive Coaching". These courses will provide training for coaches at every level of experience using manuals, handouts and outlines, supplemented by local instruction programs, camps and clinics held throughout the US

•        We need to further develop our Safe Sport & Volunteer Protection Programs for minors. We need to ensure that USA Fencing works with clubs to train and certify volunteers and staff in their positions. Safe Sport programs and screening processes will reduce the likelihood of abuses that can occur while kids are participating in fencing activities. It’s also critically important that we protect coaches and staff from false accusation


Implement a Comprehensive Sponsorship Plan:


We need to drive greater sponsorship revenue for USA Fencing and our local clubs: I commit to lead this effort through the below plan:

•        Platform leaders – Experienced leaders in different sectors, applying their expertise to enhance fencing (we can ask fencers’ parents to get involved as are employed with companies and own businesses that are looking to drive national and local community financial support Cultivate and develop National Sponsor Partners – Example active and target list: Nike, Walmart, Amazon, Exxon Mobil, Apple, CVS, Berkshire Hathaway, UnitedHealthcare, AT&T, Costco, JPMorgan, BMO Bank, Chevron, Ford Motor, Kroger, Home Depot, Wells Fargo, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Delta Airlines, Dell Technologies, Pepsi, Coca-Cola

•        Media Broadcasting Partners – Example target list: CBS, NBC, FOX


Additional ways to drive revenue to USA Fencing and our Clubs:


•        During any tournament (regional, national, NAC’s) there is a down time on strips. We could use those strips to organize more fencing for players that are already out/lost or would like to have more practice. We could organize a self-directed round robin pool for $xxx to increase practice. This could be done for all 3 weapons.


My entire business career has been centered around sponsorships and business development. Most recently, with just over 8 weeks of planning while in the middle of COVID restrictions and uncertainties in Michigan, I led the sponsorship initiative with Grand Rapids Fencing Academy and successfully secured $10,000 of corporate sponsorship for our Third Coast Cup (RJCC) event between April 23-25th, 2021.


Outreach programs to enhance local fencing growth

•        Build community interest and support with coaches and families

•        Take advantage of USA Fencing resources

•        Seek active engagement from Parents and determine their skills and passion to support local clubs and USA Fencing

•        Develop Programs to bring in additional revenue and future revenue opportunities

•        Unified Club Mission and build brand in local communities



Tell us more in depth about how you plan to approach issues of racial and gender equity in USA Fencing. You may use our WFencing Report Card to help you. Please feel free to refer to any of the issues raised within the report card to focus your answer. *


I believe USA Fencing has to fully recognize and act upon a simple belief that fencing is for ALL and a sport that is truly universal and crosses all boundaries and gender yet must provide meaningful financial support to reach ALL. As an active USA Fencing Parent, I continue to witness the financial obligations that are required to develop our athletes. This in itself, represents an immediate obstacle for many across all races and gender. We must develop a comprehensive local, regional and national USA Fencing sponsorship program that provides the financial support to develop our athletes at a very meaningful and ongoing level. This currently does not occur and where in place at the Club level is very limited and not connected with USA Fencing.


Additionally, USA Fencing and our Board needs to develop a comprehensive racial and gender mentoring program that provides clear guidance and recommendations that our Clubs can execute upon. Today, this is left for the most part to the Clubs to best address at the local level. many of our Clubs across the US are in both large metropolitan cities and smaller communities and thus the Clubs physical locations are embedded in diverse communities. The challenge is that we at the USA Fencing and Club level need to work closer together to best identify and appeal to our communities. A clear example is to have a diverse cross section of current Olympic and World ranked USA Fencers to travel and speak at various community events to promote and appeal to future athletes.



What else would you like the WFencing community to know? *


As an experienced business development professional, my commitment is to ensure that my top priorities are ACTED upon and executed. On each community board that I serve on, my actions have always spoken louder than my words. As we move forward with USA Fencing, our membership and financial wellbeing will be critical. This requires a laser strategic plan focus which I look forward to building out with the USA Fencing Board with a robust action plan with key target completion dates which will be measured.


Please provide any links and contact information for any questions that the membership may have. This will be published on the website and be made public.


I would welcome the opportunity to share further my action plan and answer any questions.


I can be reached directly at 612-716-2761 or via email at