What's Happening in WFencing

Referee Development:

A round-table discussion was held to brainstorm what referees need at the January NAC in 2020, and another Zoom support group was held in May. Being on the front line is a hard job and much abuse is taken by referees of all genders. We look forward to further discussion of how to support the growth and development of qualified, confident and skilled officials.

Fencing Club Owners:

Interested in professional collaboration on Best Practices? Wouldn’t it be great to have collaborative training platforms and mentoring? Right now clubs are trying to survive this pandemic. Look for monthly club owners meetings soon. 

Fencing Coaches:

WFencing on Coaching Development for Fall 2020

Meetings are open to all members on Wednesdays 1-2pm.

Dates: October 7th, October 14th, October 21st, October 28th and Nov 4th.

Organized by: Coaches Nat Goodhartz and Jen Oldham

Cost: Included in WFencing Membership Fees.

Purpose: Experiment in building collaborative learning environments for coaching development. Further your own coaching development as well as the development of other coaches.



WFencing de Facto Board Meetings:


Monthly Zoom meetings discuss the direction of WFencing. Email info@wfencing.org to get the Zoom link to our next meeting.