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Fencing and Autism: Mutual Benefits

We are seeing more fencing students with Autistic phenotypes.  Can we help them more? Can they help us?   Maestra Julie Seal presents this clinic on Autism and Fencing and how fencing might be useful as a recreational therapy and how individuals with Broader Autism Phenotype may already be present and helping USA Fencing.

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Nat Goodhartz and Christine Griffith Coaching Clinic

Learn specific fencing teaching skills and techniques using the principles of motor learning, biomechanics, and applied anatomy.  The technical essentials of footwork, distance, tempo, blade work, tactics, but also their application with clear examples that can be used immediately on your students

Guest coach, Nat Goodhartz, has a PhD in exercise physiology and is member of the USA Fencing's Hall of Fame. She served as a National Coach for men's and women's foil fencing and has coached multiple national champions, world team members, and Olympians.


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The Collegiate Fencing Resume.

How to market yourself to colleges.

Brandeis Coach Jennie Salmon teaches about what goes in to making a great resume no matter if you are fencer or coach. This is an immensely helpful tutorial on preparing your child to be a part of an NCAA team, meeting the coach and getting their foot in the door for their college program of choice!

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