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WFencing Podcast Series

WFencing Podcast Series

Women's Fencing History with Vincent Bradford and Stacey Johnson


Listen as two fencers tell stories with significant impact for envisioning the future development of fencing in the United States. Vinnie and Stacy’s relationship started in their teens, now they speak as seasoned leaders with acclaim and inspiration for future generations.   “Ultimately changing the culture of sport, I believe will help to work against sexism and racism, and build places for participation that are grounded in respect and community building for the better of our society. To be with my sister Vinnie today was so wonderful and I am so proud of her and all that she has given and continues to give to fencing.”    - Stacey Johnson  Stacey Johnson was the first woman USA Fencing President to hold a four-year term. She is currently a retired college president who worked approximately 40 years in higher education, following a traditional pathway of faculty member, tenured, Department Chair, Dean, Vice President of  Academic Affairs and finally a presidency.  She now works to support and develop the Peace and Justice Institute and continues today on its board.  She feels it to be a “great honor and I am humbled by this continued work.”   Stacey lives with her husband of 35 years, Robert Hoek, in the hill country outside of San Antonio, TX with a toy Australian shepherd, named Josey Wales.  They have two daughters (her step daughters) and two grandkids.   Vincent “Vinnie” Bradford is a founding member of WFencing and the first Executive Director for the United States Fencing Coaches Association (USFCA). Vinnie has been involved in fencing as a competitor, fencing teacher, fencing coach and leader in fencing coaching development for over fifty years. She is an Olympian, USFCA Fencing Master, and she has a Masters Degree in Kinesiology.  Vinnie started fencing at age eleven, made the 1984 Olympic Team in women’s foil, was a Bronze medalist in the 1989 Pan American Games in women’s epee. She has been inducted into the US Fencing Hall of Fame and the San Jose State Sports Hall of Fame.  She has taught and coached fencing at the University of Texas (Austin), Palo Alto College (San Antonio) and Northwest Vista College (San Antonio) for a combined twenty-seven years. During that time Vinnie served as Co-Director of the USA Fencing Coaches College for ten years, she has served on the the US Fencing Coaches Association Certification and Accreditation Board and has been contributing to the training and development of competitive fencers and coaches throughout her professional journey.   Podcast References:   San Jose State Institute for the Study of Sport, Society and Social Change lecture Entitled Words to Action in March of 2018. March 14th, 2018 - Words to Action: Gender, Sport, and Society Town Hall     Stacey’s Mantra: 13 Principles for How We Treat Each Other.

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