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WFencing Allies Committee

The Allies Committee is tasked with educating, recruiting, and coordinating allies in support of WFencing. 


Perhaps you’re a bit confused about what being an ally even means. Our blog will help you learn more about allyship. Allies Committee co-chair Liz Mayerich has written a wonderful blog post that addresses what allyship is (link here). But in short, an ally is someone who is outside of a group, but who acts in the interests of people in that group. A prime example is men being allies to women within fencing by supporting women in leadership roles.



We would love to welcome you both as an ally and as a member of WFencing. Join us!


Membership in WFencing is open to all (regardless of gender) ages 18+. 


Current Efforts

Links to various efforts that allies can help with are on this page. Browse them all!


Help guide us! Tell us what you think we should address. Contact us.


Committee Members

Liz Mayerich (co-head); Taro Yamashita (co-head); Jeff Kallio; Vickie Miller; Cathleen Randall; Richard Weiss.



This is not a comprehensive list, but we hope these resources are useful to you.

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