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WFencing Diversity Unity Equity

Changing a culture is not easy, but together, we believe this is possible and our fencing community is worth it.

Lifetime Membership: The commitment of a Lifetime Member is the same of a Charter Member, except you will have no annual renewals to mess with. Both the Charter and Lifetime Memberships have the same voting rights and access to free and reduced fee events. These services will build as our membership builds. If you are financially able to give at this level  and the rest of The WFencing Team thanks you, too!


Thank you for your interest in joining WFencing!

Joining as a member today means you are taking ownership of change… you will be part of Advancing the Sport of Fencing. Women and men are all welcome to join, but some spaces will be created just for women. You must also be 18 years of age to join.

We have TWO voting memberships for our unusual upcoming 1st fencing season:

Charter Membership - Open to athletes, coaches, referees, tournament folks, club owners and parents — anyone who believes diversity is the strength of fencing in the United States. This initial commitment shows an investment to a cause. It starts with engagement.

 Join as a Charter Member Today. 

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