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Fencing Research from Coach Irem Ulku

Recently Researcher and Maitre de Sabre İpek İrem Ülkü co-authored a study "Examining the relationship between balance, flexibility and power in fencers." The relationship of balance to flexibility and power, both important components of fencing athleticism, was examined. As a result of the study, "it was found that there were negative relations between balance and flexibility performances in fencing athletes," paving the way for future work. See below for a PDF of the article. WFencing is happy to share this research with you.

Maitre Irem's work as a coach and as a researcher helps to advance the sport of fencing. Read more about her:

Irem Ulku, Maitre de Sabre Coach/ Researcher

Fencing is my philosophy of life. My scientific and academic journey began when I decided to use science to find and train the best. In all my research and studies, I aimed to follow the development of fencing athletes and to train them correctly to this extent. That's why in order to do research and write articles on fencers and to be a light to all my coach friends who have set their hearts on this profession in line with this information. Because fencing is like a science: endless. That's why I want to contribute to research and the development of our fencing athletes in the best way and to make our fencing branch known in the world and to be published and known. That's why I wrote an article to use science and fencing together, and I will continue to do research.

My fencing journey began in Bursa, Turkey in 1996. By 1999, I achieved my dream of becoming a National Team Athlete in Women's Saber. That same year, I made a national splash, placing 3rd individually and 2nd in the team competition at the Balkan Championships. My competitive career continued with success. As part of the Women's Saber Team, we reached the top 16 at the European Cadet and Junior Championship in Antalya (2000). In 2006, I transitioned from athlete to coach, passing on my skills and passion for the sport.

Coaching Accolades:

● I was the coach of Deniz Selin Ünlüdağ, who is an Olympic and Turkish National Team athlete 

● Deniz Selin Ünlüdağ to 1st place victories in the 2017 U23 European Championship and the 2018 Sochi Cadet & Juniors European Championship.

● Led the Manisa Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate fencing team to numerous victories, including 15 Gold medals at International Tournaments and multiple Turkish Championship and Cup wins (2018-2022 seasons).

● Coached athletes who competed at World and European Championships.

Beyond the Piste:

● Served as the Turkish Cadet National Team Coach (2012-2015) and Veterans National Team Coach (2018-2021).

● Presented research on Fencing and Basketball at the 2nd INTERNATIONAL AZERBAIJAN LIFE, SOCIAL, HEALTH AND ART SCIENCES CONGRESS (2022).

●  In 2013, I was successful in the International referee exam held in Bratislava. I received my international referee title. I have had experience as an international referee in many world cups and circuit tournaments. I have been the final referee in women's individual semi-finals and women's team competitions many times  (2013-2020).

● Currently pursuing a Master's degree in at Manisa Celal Bayar University, Turkey. Expected graduation September 2025. 

● Recently achieved the prestigious Maîtrê de Saber designation through the USFCA Foreign Equivalency program.

● Currently coaching at the Tim Morehouse Fencing Club (January 2023 - Present).

Download PDF • 326KB

Baydemir, B., Aksoy, D., & Ülkü, İ. İ. (2024). Examining the relationship between balance, flexibility and power in fences. Arrancada, 24(47).

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