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Combining Aerobics with Fencing

Analyzing the issues of asymmetry in the strength of fencer's bodies and the effectiveness of combining Aerobics with Fencing on their muscles by a new sport AeroFencing

Mina Esfanjani,

Editor note: This month we have a guest post by fencing coach and fitness instructor Mina Esfanjani, of Columbus Fencing & Fitness (OH). Mina has been developing and testing a new training method: AeroFencing. She is sharing her results with WFencing readers as a brief scientific paper [a new format for us!] in the hope that our greater community can benefit. Thank you, Mina!


This paper attempts to introduce AeroFencing as a new sport training technique, in which athletes combine rhythmic choreography with footwork and handwork of fencing with elements of aerobic and aerobic dance to music. Additionally, it reports the results of an experiment that aimed to combine aerobic exercise and fencing (AeroFencing) for impr