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WFencing works for women in fencing.

WFencing Learning Pods

Registration is now open for the second launch of our WFencing Learning Pods. These are biweekly meetings for one hour over six week. A small group of coaches will gather online to discuss, share videos, offer best practices, and offer each other encouragement and suggestions in their weapon of choice. Registration will close December 15th and groups will form as 2023 approaches. 


Cost is free for WFencing members to register. A sliding scale donation is recommended to support our program and expand educational opportunities for women and men in our sport. 


Pods are organized and run by volunteers. If you would like to be a facilitator, please email us at Facilitators set the schedule, host the six sessions via zoom and will be supporting in learning how to lead this type of collaborative learning. 


WFencing is a nonprofit organization committed to uphold the mission of the Olympic dream as it extends to the American professional sport fencing community. We work to achieve diversity, unity and equity among all fencing professionals no matter race, gender, or geographic location in the United States.

Who are we?

We are coaches, fencing professionals, parents and athletes who believe increasing diversity among fencing professionals will greater unify Team USA, reduce SafeSport complaints, and increase participation in collegiate and club fencing nationwide. Through creating clear pathways for professional development we will accelerate our competitive sport environment. Tomorrow we will be bigger, better and stronger.

Why now?

WFencing organized as a response to overt disparities of leadership heavily tilted towards one gender.

What’s happening?

WFencing is creating best practices, consultative groups, organizational transparency models, and collaboration platforms through this crisis of Covid-19. We need unifiers to support each other today, so we can produce better fencing tomorrow.



 Support clubs now with your donation to help WFencing jump into action.


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